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Disclosures under Section (4)(1)(b) of the RTI Act


Designation Powers and responsibilities

Managing Director

Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Company and is responsible to the Board of Directors. He is responsible for  the performance and supervision of its technical, administrative and day-to-day operations. He is responsible for all the activities of the Company including Financial, Technical, Commercial and Human Resource Management, Corporate Planning and Project Implementation

He assigns/ delegates the powers and responsibiliies to other officers.

Finance Manager

 He is responsible for:

implementing and manaing financial planning, accounting, budgetary system, management information system etc. he is also liaison with banks and financial institutions.

coordinate with with statutory auditors, internal Auditors and AG auditors and Govt. agencies.
He is responsible for Salary administration, Financial  management,  budgeting  etc of the Company. 
To examine the feasibility studies and project reports for new development schemes
To prepare Annual Accounts and get them approved by the Auditors and the Board of Directors. 
To organize proper internal control arrangements. 

He is reporting to the Managing Director

Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is the statutory officer responsible for compliance with legal requirements under Companies Act, 1956. The Company Secretary also is in charge of the PersonneL, General Administration and Legal sections.
Reports to the Managing Director

He is reporting to the Managing Director

Mechanical Engineer

He is in overall charge of the Mechanical department of the company. This dept is responsible for Construction and maintenance of vessels and yards of the company. He also is responsible for execution of works obtained by the company.

 He is reporting to the Managing Director

Commercial Officer

He is responsible for the operations of the barges, boats and tourist vessels of the company. He has to liaise with the  customers and principals and other stake holders.

He is reporting to the Managing Director

Assistant Engineers ( 2 Nos)

The Assistant Engineers are responsible for supervising operations of the repair yards of the company. They shall plan and execute the works carried out there.

They are reporting to the Mechanical Engineer

Chargemen ( 4 Nos)

They are responsible for supervising the works executed in the yards of the company

They are reporting to the Asst. Engineers or the Mechanical Engineer

Accountants / Superintendents They are the supervisory staff in the ministerial wing. They report to the Finance Manager, Company Secretary, Mechanical Engineer depending on the duties and responsibilities assigned to them.



Interested candidates may submit their application along with copies of testimonials in proof of age and qualification and a recent passport size photograph.

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